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A Wheel alignment is or at least should be part of standard auto repair maintenance.Small things like hitting a pothole or a curb can throw your wheel alignment off.Driving a car on the modern roads is quite a challenging task.

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Aligning a car consists of adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are set to the car manufacturers specifications.Equipment used for front wheel alignment inspection must be accurate.In automotive engineering, toe, also known as tracking, is the symmetric angle that each wheel makes with the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, as a function of static geometry, and kinematic and compliant effects.Wheel alignment integrates all the factors of steering and suspension geometry to provide safe handling, good ride quality and maximum tire life.

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We will provide you with a detailed alignment printout that will include before and after readings, as well as specific reference to three main angles that are checked.Caster and toe both work in conjunction with camber to ensure proper tire wear as well.

If your steering wheel is straight while driving your alignment is perfect.PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE before taking the specs to your alignment shop.

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